Tuesday, November 16, 2010

too busy to feel anything... it's a good thing!

Work and life have been so busy that for the past few weeks, I actually haven't been thinking about IF.  BFF is going to have a baby tomorrow.  I am relieved to feel excited for her baby to come.   Been a concern for me during my IF lows... and though I'm sure there will be moments where it is extremely depressing to watch BFF move on to enjoy the goal we've both been working so hard for... now I am excited.  It is insane that she's at the end of all this... it is a reminder of how far away I am.  The crazy thing is this time last year she was as low as I am now... so things do change.  I think the holidays will go by so quickly with work and her baby and travel and dealing with some other life issues that hopefully IF will duck out of the forefront of my thoughts until I start cycling.

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