Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back at it

Yesterday I went back to my RE to check in.  See what needs to happen for #2.  I don't know when exactly, but he said I can start as soon as Feb. but not to wait much longer than a year.  I'm on progesterone to induce a period, cause despite my optimistic previous post.. the bleeding I had wasn't a true period. I haven't had a period since L was born 13 months ago.  And now since I haven't lost most of the baby weight, I'm about 25 lbs heavier than when I started my last couple fresh cycles.  I'm technically obese. Though I don't think losing a few pounds will greatly change the outcome of my ivf or pregnancy, I'm trying.  Pretty hardcore.  Because I am not someone who can casually lose weight.  The last few months have reinforced that fact.  So now I have to figure out exactly when to start, but I'm sure it'll be sooner rather than later. I was surprised to feel excited to be back at the RE's.  not full of dread, not depressed, no tears. Hopefully I'l be lucky and avoid those feeling this time around.

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