Sunday, June 30, 2013

You know you've done too much ivf when...

The heating pad you bought for and exclusively use for ivf related things pops open.  Gross clay stuff started falling out.  I found it a little depressing -- who ever wears out a heating pad?  And all for ivf.

If this current cycle is my last (because it's successful) then I will chalk it up to some significance about it getting me through my ivfs...

Egg retrieval was Friday at 6am.  We were much calmer than the time before when C was really sick and we weren't sure they'd let us go ahead with the cycle.  It was a fairly pleasant experience.  16 eggs were retrieved (though we knew only 10 had a real chance of being mature).

Got my fert report yesterday (suuuper late -- like I think my RE forgot and I texted him around 6:30pm -- he emailed and texted back around 8pm -- he's normally great about everything but I sat by my phone all afternoon like I was waiting for a boy to call).

Anyway, 10 eggs were mature and of them 7 fertilized.  It's actually exactly the number i had in my head.  If I were a normal ivf-er, I would be very happy -- though everyone, I bet, always wants more with these things.  But with me, I just don't know.  I usually get high numbers of eggs that dwindle down to very few good embryos.  So I'm trying to be positive and think that i have less quantity hopefully because this cycle is different -- and those 7 embies are stronger and healthier than my usuals.  I will get a follow up report tomorrow sometime.  Then really we'll only know what's what on day 5 (transfer day) when I'm on the table and we hear what our fate is and make a split second decision that might determine our future family.

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