Monday, December 6, 2010

post lap

well, I'm feeling better... still really tired but less sore.  I'm so relieved that nothing major happened and I can get back to regular life starting tomorrow.

I woke up to a recovery room nurse telling me to breathe (in quite a pissy tone) and after I bugged her enough about the results of my surgery she looked at my chart and told me they took out an ovary.  I knew she was wrong so I didn't freak out...

They DID NOT remove an ovary.... but they did remove one of my fallopian tubes and had to repair the one they left in.  The remaining one might be problematic in the future... they also found some mild endo and some scar tissue... my doc asked C if I'd had colitus (sp?) or something like that that would've cause it... I haven't had anything like that that I'm aware of.  Though I knew we'd need to do ivf to get preg... I'm still weirded out that there was something wrong with my tubes.  I'm upset that the 2 docs who told me I was good to go possibly wasted my time leading me to do procedures when I had tubal issues that might ruin any attempts... but mostly I'm looking forward.  We won't do any frozen transfers til Feb.  My re was saying jan, but he didn't realize how damaged my tubes were and wants to wait for them to heal.  He sounds optimistic.   So I feel optimistic.  Who knows if my mild endo (which a ton of people have that doesn't interfere with pregnancy) or my tubes were the problem with the last failed cycles... I kind of hope they were so we can move on and maybe have one work now.

One funny thing that happened... we were in my recovery room when my old RE popped in (I have not told him that we switched docs... he probably just thought we were on a break).  I was groggy so it took me a min to understand who he was... he wanted to know what we were doing there... he happened to be doing a surgery in that hospital... maybe saw me or my name on the surgery board... I was speechless, so was C... we just stared at the guy and finally I said I was out of it and apologized for being groggy.  He politely left.  It was so awkward... like I got caught cheating on my boyfriend or something.  I really like the old RE, so I'm going to write or call and let him know what's going on... it was just so weird... ah, my infertility soap opera....

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  1. I hope you get feeling better soon! I bet this is the best option for a healthy uterine environment if you were having tubal issues. I've had one of my tubes and ovaries removed. It sucks when you start to feel like the reproductive organs are slowly shutting down. I'm thinking positive thoughts for your upcoming FET in February!