Monday, September 12, 2011

all good

The anatomy scan looked great. I have to go back in a couple weeks since my OB sent us in in so early, there will be even more to check out in a month.  The first thing the doc said today was "you're definitely having a boy."  we have some pics but the little guy's face was smushed into my placenta (yum!) and he was mostly blocked... so hopefully next time we'll get a clear shot.  Today felt like a major milestone to get past and even though we have to go back for a more thorough ultra sound, I feel really good that things are going well.  He also said because of my PCOS (which I may not have according to my last RE, but who knows)... pcos-ers have a 75% chance of having gestational diabetes... so I will have to test early for that.  I have a feeling (not even based on science) that I will probably have it.  I've been cravin ga certain kind of cookies form a little boutique bakery... I will be hunting those down in the next couple weeks in case I wind up having to cut out all that stuff for the rest of my pregnancy.

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