Sunday, September 4, 2011

shouldn't I be sleeping?

I keep hearing that this is the time to sleep since that whole "rested" thing will stop when this kid is born for a long, long time.  Why then does my body decide to wake up at 5 am on a holiday weekend?  When I walked into the living room, my cats looked "caught."  Like they were not ready for me to be out there... still had stuff to do.  

Yesterday I cleaned out my bedroom off all the clothes I can't fit into.  I have about ten things hanging in my closet and some mostly empty drawers.  It was too cramped with everything in there.  I separated my stuff into two boxes.  One for soon after the kid is born.  And one for what I hope isn't toooooo long after.  It's my clothes from last year.  Even most of my work out clothes are too tight.

Lately I've been having nausea probs.  If I don't eat every couple hours i get sick.  C suggested I set my timer on my phone to go off so I remember to eat so feeling pukey isn't my signal.  It's been helping.  Still... I will be thrilled when this goes away.

I noticed yesterday that what was a faint line on my belly (that stripey thing pregs get) is now way darker. Despite all the other changes in my body, I saw that and thought "Hey!  I'm pregnant."  Like the stripe makes it official.

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  1. Congratulations on 'earning your stripe!' :)

    Hope you start feeling better soon, I know it's not fun!