Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 days ago

I moved my frozen embryos to my new RE's office.  There's a whole entry about it.  Photo proof and everything.  Just found out he left his practice and I have to move them again!  I'm following him to the new place though I'm not sure why he left and he can't tell me for legal reasons.  But everything so far points to him being a good and caring doc who has already caught things my last RE didn't.  So hopefully Monday I will do that stressful move all over again.  Monday is also my first U/S for the new cycle so we're hoping to be on our way towards actually getting to do this!  Also hoping when we show up Mon., that we feel comfortable with the new place and we can move along as scheduled.  I should write a guidebook for local fertility doc offices since this will be my fourth.  Wait... fifth since I went with BFF to hers once.  I've been inside 5.  I'd rather be a wine connoisseur instead of an RE's office one.

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