Sunday, January 30, 2011

hanging in there, doin' my thang

So, for now my FET is scheduled for Valentine's Day.  Hopefully nothing will go wrong.  We transferred our frozen embies to the new office on Monday... or what I think is Monday... it feels so long ago.  C admitted to me during our 6 hour ordeal that he couldn't imagine doing this by himself (like I did the first time).  Even with both of us there... it's so stressful, so many hurdles to get through to make it happen, coordinating between offices, embryologists, making sure they get transported okay... but it got done!  Now we're just waiting on our medical records and the random office transfer is complete.  Other than the hassle, we're liking the new digs... still loving the RE.  Now it's mostly just about my body cooperating.  I feel like it will.  I even feel like I might even get KUed up soon.  Not just in a hopeful way, but in a "I think I have a handle on the sixty variables there are to conquer to be able to move forward" way.  I know a million things could go wrong even if I get pregnant... but I'm feeling like this Spring is gonna work out for us.  If it doesn't, it will suck in a whole new horrible way... but I'm not there right now.  Right now I'm hopeful.

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