Monday, January 10, 2011

Here we go

Things have been busy.  Time is a flying.  I went for my first FET U/S since I started on estrace tabs 3/day.  I expected to hear what the next step would be to thicken my lining.  Surprisingly... my lining was at a 9.  Thick enough to transfer already.  Bad news: those same mystery black globs showed up (old RE called them cysts, new RE says they're excess cervical mucus.  New RE homes that now that I'm taking progesterone shots, that should make those go away.  I asked what happens in they don't.  He said that will be a hard call.  You don't want to transfer unless the environment is all good.

So, I'm planning for an FET out of nowhere (I thought it would be in Feb, but my lining responded so fast). There's a chance I will show up and it will be too much of a mess to transfer.  Of course, my hopes are up and that will suck.  Tomorrow I transfer my frozen embryos from old RE's office to new RE's.  I hope I don't do anything to mess that up.  I hope no one else involved messes it up.  And mostly, I hope those mystery black blobs on the ultrasound machine go away so we have a real shot.

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