Wednesday, January 12, 2011

frozen babies on board...

In my car anyways.  I had to pick this thing up, lug it to my car. At first I thought it was funny.  I could barely carry it.  Then it sunk in how far my car was and how I still had to carry it into the old RE's building, back into my car, then back to new RE's office.  There were tears.  There was an offer form BFF to come drive to this parking lot to help me.  I eventually just asked help from strangers because my re's office assumed I was able to carry it -- even after I told them I couldn't when I sucked it up and called and asked them for help. The nurses are just used to lighter tanks (this was probably fifty-ish pounds) and I literally could only carry it about fifteen steps before I had to put it down.  Eventually one of the nurses came down to help me.  It was a ridiculous physical journey to get our frozen embryos to the right office for our transfer on Fri.

Anyway, aside from a ridiculous start to that morning -- I had an U/S.  My lining is at 9.5.  Awesome for me.  And the mystery blobs are shrinking!  RE hopes they will be all gone by Fri and we'll transfer even if there is a small trace of them.  Yes, stuff could still go wrong.  Maybe my embryos won't thaw well... maybe they won't make it to day 5.  Maybe it just won't work.  But whatever happens, at least we're getting this far.  I just lied in my own blog entry -- to myself.  The truth is my hopes are up.  Just took a bath like it might be my last bath in a long time.  SO dumb, but impossible not to do.

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  1. glad to hear. sending positive vibes for friday...i'll point the fertility shrine in your direction :) let me know if you want me to bring a movie or soup or a deck of cards or anything over this weekend.