Saturday, October 8, 2011

forced "me" time

I'm stuck at home waiting for  a new mattress delivery (please please please let this be the end of waking up from my hips feeling sore and I need to flip sides... like those bed-bound super obese people -- hope I don't get any sores)...  Anyway, my first instinct was to get up and turn on the tv which would lead to at least an hour delay on my day starting...

Well, I can't find the remote.  I tossed the couch.  I looked all over the house in case C maybe absent mindedly left it somewhere.  I had a few seconds of panic.  I called C who is at work and left a VM. Debated paging him (something reserved for emergencies)... but then decided it's  a sign.  I've been so busy on the weekends...  I decided to take advantage of this quiet time to clean a little, then sit down with Pandora and get more online baby research stuff done.  Maybe do a little black boot shopping.

So far... it's awesome.

I'm feeling great right now.  Almost 22 weeks.  I haven't felt much if any movement but I'll wait a few more weeks before I get concerned.  Right now I just feel antsy waiting for that to happen.  But all is well.

My vivid pregnancy dreams have turned a little nightmarish this week.  One night I dreamt my sister died and I held her in my arms saying goodbye while she bled out.... one night I dreamed I lost the baby and was insanely angry at everyone I came across... last night I dreamt a girl I barely know from high school (but I know from facebook is about the same amount preg as I am) I dreamt she lost her baby and I was trying to find a way to comfort her.  Not awesome.  Maybe the new mattress will fix these.  Am I putting to much in the new mattress basket?

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