Saturday, October 15, 2011

those are 2 baby feet hanging out...

The one foot is clearer, but it's actually two sitting there together.

I had another anatomy scan on Friday. Everything looks good.  The latest preggo issue (though nothing feels like a big deal after the Downs scare)... the latest issue is I have Gestational Diabetes.  Barely.  But I have it... I should be able to control it with diet and exercise.   So no cliched ice cream pregnancy for me.  At least at the end of it I'll be in better shape.  I was gaining weight pretty fast last month, so this will slow me down.

I watched BFF do this so I know it's possible... I just don't have the hang of it yet.  My first question for the nutritionist is: will I be able to break the diet on Thanksgiving?  There's something about not being able to eat stuff I love at Thanksgiving that feels sad to me.

I have to learn to not have any emotions about what I'm eating.  Friday at work there were a ton of treats (including a variety of gourmet bread puddings) that I stayed away from, and though I had a few minutes of wishing I could have some... it passed.  Right now I'd LOVE some dessert... not happening.  But it's a lot easier to say no to things when it's a matter of the baby's health.

Also, I've been feeling movement.  It's very subtle, and only when I'm lying down... but I feel it.  Can't wait for it to be strong enough for C to feel it, too.

Bottom line... right now I feel so excited that this is really happening.  I still can't believe we're pregnant. I feel insanely lucky.  I don't care that much about having to deal with GD.  I'm just very excited. Time is passing quickly and I think Feb will be here before we know it.

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