Monday, March 25, 2013

fertilization report

out of 24 eggs:

3 were immature
8 were misshapen/grainy/irregular... not viable

So 13 mature eggs... turned into 8 embryos

I'm currently waiting for an update but we're scheduled for a day 5 transfer so it can't be terrible.

There were also some sperm issues which could be linked to C's fever.

My uncomfortable-ness is increasing by the day but it's not insane. Yesterday I felt ready to try half percosets.  Today half didn't cut it so I took the second half.  And I feel soooo much better.  And I was worried it would make me sleep all day but I've been pretty energetic.  Maybe too much because I'm starting to get tired now.

I've been drinking my liquids/eating my gross soups at weird times.  I'm back in that OHSS place where I don't have an appetite... but all in all, drug management is working.  I think my least favorite part of the day is laying on my belly to get my progesterone shot.  Tomorrow I have a work meeting so that should be interesting.

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