Thursday, March 21, 2013

like prepping a bomb shelter

I'm about to go grocery shopping... ready to hole into my house post retrieval (which is set for 6:30 am tomorrow).  I already feel bloated, a little nauseous, pressure building.  And that's just the normal stuff.  What I'm nervous for is A: the results.  How many eggs?  Are there any?  Did the trigger shot even work?  And also B: the looming and likely OHSS.

So today we prep: Laundry done, house ready, I need to download a shitload of stuff on the dvr.  Sounds like a fun staycation, right?  It won't be.  It's stuff for me to barely pay attention to while I roll around, trying to get comfortable while in a sick haze.  Something to catch my attention for small spurts to pass the time.  I need to go buy salty stuff... mostly soups to drink.  Need to do everything I might not be able to do in the next week if this shit gets criz-azy.  Luckily my mom is here to help.  Hopefully there will be no going to the hospital but it's nice to know there's someone here to watch the little one if that happens.  There will be the weekend when C is home, too.  My sister and her husband will be around then.  This will be fine.  This will be temporary.  With any luck it will be the last time I have to do this.

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