Tuesday, April 23, 2013

small talk

My favorite neighborhood Thai place is run by a very sweet woman.  We've had honest conversations in the past about ivf because she sneaks in private questions in our chit chat and I always answer her honestly... kind of to show her how personal her questions are.  Like once when she asked how much ivf costs, I told her.  So since L was born, our chit chat is usually pretty light.. how's the baby, how's work?  Pleasant.  But today when she threw in one of her classics "when are you going to have another?" I said we're trying.  No smile on my face to make her feel better.  Lately I've been really blunt when people ask about it.  I just feel like it's not my job to make other people feel more comfortable during ivf talk.  I'm the one living it... it's not my job to put in extra effort to sugar coat shit.  So when she asked if we were going to try all "the stuff we used to do" (ivf) I told her we already did and it didn't work.  She looked genuinely sad.  I gave her a little smile.  I actually love my random honest, personal relationship with the Thai lady who knows me by my order even though I order different stuff each time.  But look out, anyone who tries to sneak personal questions into our small talk... cause you're gonna hear what's really going on.

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