Friday, October 1, 2010


Well, this cycle is officially a bust.  BFN.  I knew Wed. morning from a home test, but today made it official.  Now we don't know what to do next.  I know I need a break.  Don't know for how long.  Don't know if I should stay with my RE.  Don't know nothing.  C and I are sad.

It's been a long time trying, but 6 full months of cycling.  Only 2 real tries where I could've gotten pregnant.  I just need some time where I don't have to manage it.  I'm sure I will still think about it everyday... but I just can't deal with the other layers that cycling adds to life right now.

Sometime next week we'll have our WTF appt.  I don't know what he'll say differently.  I hope he has some plan that's so amazing I just stay at that office... but if not, we start researching other REs... eventually.

I'm exhausted.  C's exhausted... oh, and during my ten days of only drinking Gatorade for the OHSS... I spilled a giant thing of purple Gatorade on my laptop and it died. One more issue I'm attributing to IF.  So we can add our new laptop cost to our total IF cost... whatever that is now.  I might need to try a shooting range or something.  Or I could start working out again so I don't look pregnant wh  ile people who sort of know me are trying to figure it out.

Everything else beside IF is going well... and i hope our break lets up enjoy some of that.

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  1. i'm so very sorry about your BFN. i hope you get some answers at your WTF appointment this week.