Saturday, February 26, 2011

better in the morning

so... I'm starting to digest my week.  here is a summary of events from Mon-Fri:

thinking I had another BFN

someone  confusing me for BFF and congratulating me on my new baby in front of a bunch of people

hearing the last of my friends who were also trying to get pregnant got pregnant

working crazy hours during last week of work before a couple months off

finding out I was pregnant

finding out my credit/debit cards were stolen out of my office

finding out I was miscarrying (weird to even type that -- feels like rounding up dramatically but chem pregs are very early miscarriages)

later that day finding out a huge career goal is happening

current job coming to an end until June

husband out of town for work so no time to be together after hearing preg is over

This was just one week.  Lots of different emotions.  The sun is out now.  I have time in front of me to breathe, heal and move forward.


  1. What a week! Sorry to hear about the m/c. Do you have PCOS? You should check out this month of posts- (this is my cousin's wife) She had an alternative procedure done, and got pregnant naturally (after failed IVF attempts) (No, I'm not a Dr., but thought I'd share in case it can help you! :))

    Congratulations on the career goal!