Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Friday Night Lights made me feel better about this cycle

I watched the finale of FNL last weekend.  It was awesome.  Seeing 18-20 year olds with that fear and excitement of wondering where their life is going (yes, they aren't real, it's tv, whatever) it reminded me of me at that age.  Wondering who I'd be as an adult, what job I'd have, would I ever get married.  I never worried about "would I have kids".  Just figured that happens.  But all those other things... they all worked out.  The other big ones.  I have my dream career.  I not only found someone to marry, but found someone amazing.  Things are good.  We're healthy.  Our families are doing well.  This longing for kids thing... I know in five years we'll have kids.  Either bio or adopted.  But we'll have them.

As I lie here on bedrest, our 2 cats are snuggled up next to each other a foot away.  When we first adopted cat #2, he and cat #1 had to be kept in separate rooms because they'd fight.  C and I dreamed of the day we'd all be able to hang out on the couch together.  That day arrived faster than we thought.  I feel like this fertility thing is like that.  Someday we'll have those kids, and these cats... and we'll all be able to cuddle on our massive couch together.  And these years of infertility will feel far away.

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  1. as i sit here cuddled with two puppies (for reals), my fingers are crossed that the day of you cuddling with kitties and kiddies comes very soon. you are in my thoughts my friend. please let me know if you need anything.