Sunday, February 27, 2011

a family tradition

I'm feeling okay.  Had fun last night.  I was distracted... only thought about the c/p stuff a handful of times.  It was a good night.  A good morning.  And I just went shopping for treats for C and I to eat for dinner full of stuff I couldn't eat if I was still technically pregnant (including mysteriously labeled blue cheese).  A little something we do every two months or so when we have a disappointment in the baby making department.

Now I'm waiting to get my period (feels gross typing that word next to a giant pic of blue cheese -- sorry).  But hopefully we can get back on the scientific-baby-making-train as soon as that happens.  These 3 months I have off I plan on doing an ivf sprint and hopefully it will work before I go back to my job.

Tomorrow I'm researching acupuncturists, maybe getting a trainer to lose some of my no-baby weight, yoga classes, and anything else i can think of to make these focused ivf months as relaxing as possible.

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