Tuesday, March 1, 2011

less than 2

That's today's beta... and that's what it needed to be.  Less than 2 means not pregnant.  And I got my period.  So I'm off to Hawaii to have 3 days of drinking, fun and (not to be too melodramatic) bleeding out my brief pregnancy.  Tmi, sorry, but normally I get a very light period and this is not that.  Perfect for travel and bathing suits.  Oh, and I said bathing suit not bikini because between the past 2 cycles in the past two months, I've gained over 12 pounds.  That's a HUGE amount for me.  I think it's from a steriod I started 2 months ago.  Sure i've been eating like crap and not working out, but it usually takes me way longer to gain weight.  I'm not happy with it so as soon as I get back from drinking my calories for 3 days, I'll begin slowly peeling this weight off. Hopefully in time to get pregnant and put it all on again, but for good reason.

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