Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my therapist reminded me today...

that it's snake season in her neighborhood.  To get to her office, I follow a path that has been known to have snakes, foxes, etc.  As if it's not daunting enough walking into therapy sometimes, I am now on the lookout for snakes.  I'm supposed to call her if I see one so she can come help me.  BTW, there a tons of things on the path that look like snakes: hoses, long plants...  It's a nerve wracking walk.  When you get to her door, her giant dog (who has to be tied up when patients arrive) barks aggressively at you. I normally like dogs, but this one startles me every time.  I guess she's just doing her job, but she's not my fav.  All in all, I enjoy my therapist, so it's not that big a deal.  I just think it's funny that there's a gauntlet to get there.

I drove myself to my new pharmacy today because they couldn't get their shit together to have my meds shipped in time.  They seemed nice and on top of things... but now that I'm home I realize that even though I asked the woman there a question about needing empty vials to take one of the shots at half dose, she told me it was fine and you can control how much you take with the pre-filled syringe. Got home, checked inside the box.  You can't.  I'm not driving all the way back there to get an empty vial because she was wrong.  I just called the pharmacy, talked to the lady in charge. She just ordered me my empty vials and will have them shipped to my house tomorrow before I leave for vegas.  Aye-ya-ya.

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