Thursday, March 31, 2011

T.G.I.warm weather!

I can wear sundresses!  This is huge since I don't fit in my pants.  And if I do get OHSS, I will not be comfy in sweats either.  The other big thing about getting to wear dresses is I feel better about myself.  Instead of muffin topping the fuck out of any pants and reverse-muffin topping out of my shirts and then wearing some type of golden girl-esque cardigan to cover up... I feel like almost my old self again.  Except -- my belly.  It's bloated.  Normally I can suck in my regular belly, but bloat is un-suck-in-able.  So that is the one tell tale sign that I'm cooking dozens of eggs.  Also, my lymph nodes in my neck feel swollen.  Hope that's not a sign of weird fluidy issues.  They are great reminder to drink up and get more water in me so I stay hydrated.

I've been on the fence about whether or not to have my acupuncturist come to my transfer ( if I get to do it).  I'm leaning towards it.  It can't hurt anything.  It might not help anything but I will enjoy it... so why not?  The worst thing that could happen is she'd get in the way.

Tomorrow I have another u/s.  Will ask RE what the plan is for my lining.  How will I know if I get to transfer?  An u/s the day before?  I think it would be torture to have to wait until the day of to see if my lining is okay.  To get ready, show up and be turned away would be crushing.

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