Sunday, March 27, 2011

had an amazing day

with C.  Slept in.  Went with lil' sis and her fiance to get tea/walk in the park.  The same park where I did boot camp to shape up for my wedding, here I was today, hobbling around bloated, jeans unzipped getting ready for fresh cycle #3.  I'm so in a different place now than I was back then.  All good -- life moving on.  I was talking with lil sis about wedding plans for her wedding which is almost a year and a half away... will I have a young baby by then?  Will I be pregnant?  Will I still be here???  I hate to use such a happy event as a time marker for IF shit, but it will be so insane if we're still childless then.

Anyway, after our pleasant day, we tried a restaurant we've been waiting to go to for over a year and I had a virgin version of this cotton candy drink.  They brought it out like this, then poured the "drink" over the cotton candy and it disappeared.  The whole dinner was fun.  It was sort of symbolic because if I do get pregnant this cycle, I wouldn't be able to go there and order all the weird foods we ate tonight.  So it was a bit of a last hurrah, though I've had plenty of those over the past two years.  But today/tonight was great.  Life is mostly really good right now.

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