Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My lining is already a ten!  No cysts.  Thick lining.  A+ appointment today.  RE actually decreased my estrogen (per my questioning if my lining is at risk for getting too thick) and he opted to be conservative and keep me at one vagina burger/day instead of increasing up to 2/day this weekend.  I told him I trust what ever he wanted.

Pretty happy.  I was staring at the ultrasound machine, looking at images of my repro organs -- my familiar cysts that are okay and always there, my pcos-y follicles looking like polka dots on my ovaries - again, okay to be there -- I was glowing staring at that black and white visual as I imagine pregnant women do at the image of a sac or heartbeat.  The scale of what makes an IF woman happy is crazy.  But I was happy in there today.

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