Monday, March 28, 2011

bracing ourselves/excited

First thing I noticed after the vag cam went in at today's u/s: my lining cysts are back. But RE says they're just from too much estrogen and will go away once we start progesterone shots -- he's not worried.  (At my last doc, those would've cancelled my cycle -- dude...)

My follies are growing slowly, but steadily.  RE switched my meds now to include Menapur.  He also said I will most likely be getting OHSS. His goal is to make sure it's mild-moderate and not severe.  He has some steps to make sure we minimize it:

-I'm to start eating salty soups around my retrieval and will be on that good ole' high salt diet for 3-4 weeks no matter what

-He'll give me an IV to rehydrate after retrieval (which is one of the things that happens in the ER for OHSS so I love that)

-He'll have me on "prophylactic Percocet" after my retrieval

If I still can't stand the pain - I should call him and go to the hospital

Last time I had no plan and didn't know to call my RE.  I went to a hospital where no one understood what I had.  This time my doc will meet me there and take care of me himself.

We are very nervous about how uncomfortable I will be.  If there's another worst night of my life waiting to happen -- but mostly excited that the cycle is going well so far, that those cysts shouldn't get in my way -- and that we'll be getting eggs (fingers crossed) to hopefully make great embies.

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