Tuesday, March 8, 2011

day 2

And now we wait.  There's nothing much going on but planning around future appts.  My RE hasn't emailed me my calendar yet, so I just know sometime before Monday I need to make sure I have heard from him about my meds being ordered.  I'm only taking estrogen pills (along with my regular pills) so I don't have much to actually do.  I called an acupuncturist who specializes in IF stuff, so looking forward to starting that.  One drawback- her office is "conveniently" located across the street from my old RE.  I don't have a very positive feeling associated with that block, but will gladly brave it for a good acupuncturist.  My last one I went to was in a horrible space with not great privacy and not great a/c.  I stayed with her because she could accommodate my schedule changing all the time, but I'm happy to try a new place.  Looking forward to forced calm time so I actually do that.

So that's it.  Day 2 is boring.  Right at this second, I feel antsy, but when I look at the calendar and see that my ER is possibly only 3 weeks away -- that feels exciting.

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