Monday, March 7, 2011

Fresh Cycle #3. Day 1.

We went in for our WTF and my RE has me starting estrogen pills today.  I'll be on them for a week, then starting stims.  I've decided to try and write something each day, to give anyone who is reading this who might be curious about what happens during a cycle a more complete taste of it.  We're looking at an egg retrieval at the end of the month and a transfer hopefully 5 days after that.  My RE is using meds I haven't used before.  He's having me prep with a week of estrogen to get my lining ready which is also new.  My butt is still sore form my PIO shots from last cycle and I'm already starting the next.  I'm excited to be moving forward... feeling a little fatigued.  We've been cycling or having procedures/surgery so we can cycle for an entire year.  The year before that was full of doc appts and depression as well.  So... I'm tired of it... but excited to get another shot with a doc who can get me pregnant.  Even today as I sat in his office talking about all the complicated details to work around my PCOS and lining issues.... he still labeled me young and healthy.  He didn't want to do any bloodwork for the rare issues that lead to miscarriage because  my chem pregnancy was probably totally normal and not because I have some implantation issue.

Please, please, please let me not have any issues with staying pregnant since I have so many with getting pregnant.

And it's weird... I actually don't have many issues, just the ones i have are hard to work around.  Awesome.  Now I wait for RE to send me a calendar, order my drugs, and I go back in a week for an U/S and to learn how to start my new shots. Oh, and I have to decide whether to pay for this one cycle or gamble that I'll need another and buy the two cycle package to save money.  And I will get back into getting a refund for my last FET that was cancelled because I still haven't gotten my payments back.  Part of cycling is managing all the medical crap, and all the financial crap, and scheduling around all the doc appts and procedures.  Seems like a lot of work to do what most people do by humping.


  1. Good Luck! I would totally buy the package for piece of mind. I did not get the package at my office with my first two IVF cycles, but then we decided to purchase it on our third try. Boy I'm glad I did! I'll be starting my 4th cycle in May and if it doesn't work I'll still have another try after that. Wishing you much success!

  2. I love your last line! So true! It's so much work to manage. Normal people haven't a clue. I'm still sorting out what insurance will pay for...and I have a primary and secondary. (Nice that they pay, but a pain in the butt to organize!)