Wednesday, March 23, 2011

is this thing on (tap, tap)

I have been wondering if the meds are doing anything.  Nervous to show up to my appt and see nothing's going on in there... also nervous there's too much going on and something might be messed up in a way that would mess up this cycle.  I'm just generally anxious and tomorrow will give me some answers.  Tonight I put on my jeans (which are tight from weight gain) but they felt really tight tonight.  I was with family so I kept them totally unzipped at dinner.  I also realized that though I've had swollen fingers in the mornings lately, my wedding band is incredibly tight right now.  I guess that means something's working... I'm bloated.  Yay.  Also, I am sort of aware of some soreness near my ovary-area... but who knows.  Maybe I'm just looking for some proof that I'm on track.  Will know more tomorrow.

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