Wednesday, March 9, 2011

day 3 of fresh cycle #3

I was already doing something wrong.  During my RE appt he gave me a bunch of instructions and I thought I was supposed to be taking one estrogen pill for the first couple days, but C reminded me it should be 2.  Then up to 3 on Fri.  I scribbled down notes, but I still don't have my calendar from him so I messed up.  It's amazing that even after all these times doing this, I still can get very basic things wrong.  Not a big deal though.

I went to my therapist today, and was not planning on needing to talk about IF stuff at all.  But a few minutes in I was reaching for a tissue (such a cliche) blabbing about fertility shit.

Went to the park a couple blocks away with bff and her baby.  I enjoyed being with them, but think it's funny how I moved to this neighborhood to be near the schools and parks for when we have kids... and now I mostly just avoid that stuff.  By the time my kids are old enough to really play in that park I probably won't even live here anymore.

Not much else to report.  Have a good night.

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