Sunday, November 6, 2011

100 days to go

100 days left of my pregnancy and cupcakes... 2 things that are not happening for me right now.

It's Sunday.  C's at work.  I'm freshly showered, set up on the couch.  We had a surprise visit from BFF and family which was exciting.  Other exciting things today: the dresser for the nursery is being delivered.  Groceries are being delivered.  And one of my oldest and dearest friends is flying out from PA to keep me company this week.  When she first offered I was nervous... this trip would suck for her.  But I explained exactly what her trip would entail, and she still decided to come out and do it -- with no hesitation.  I am so touched.  So excited to have the company.  She's technically my kid's first baby sitter :)

I made the mistake of looking into premie info last night.  I saw what were supposed to be beautiful pictures from this organization who comes and takes pro pics in the nicu.  It mostly scared me.  But maybe it's a good thing... A nice reminder of why I'm doing this bedrest.

I hope I get through the bulk of these last 100 days.  Then there will be a healthy baby.  And cupcakes.

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