Monday, August 22, 2011

15 weeks tomorrow

I started to fall asleep during work today.  In my boss's office during some group work.  My boss caught me and was very understanding... but geesh.  Not very professional.

I overdid it last weekend.   I feel so much better than I did first tri that I thought I could handle a lot more activity.  Guess I still have to take it easy.

If you can tell by my not that interesting statements so far... not a lot going on on the preggo front.  I feel behind with the baby planing stuff but I know it will all come together.  I just haven't had much time to dive into it yet.

I have been eating some very expensive veggies.  Before I got preg, I replanted my veg garden and herb garden.  Probably spent about $250 on plants and fertilizer.  I had to have the garden growing in case the cycle didn't work so I could feel like I accomplished something.  Then once i get preg, I wasn't supposed to garden.  So the thing is running wild.  Vines everywhere, dead, dried out stuff... but now some things are actually growing despite my total negligence.  So for $250 I'm going to have a few heirloom tomatoes, a couple mini eggplants, a pepper or two...maybe a few strawberries.

Still, I'd rather have a shitty garden and a pregnancy.

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