Sunday, August 7, 2011

lil' dude's still in there

Things are moving along... slowly.  I think there was so much ramp up to this past week... that week 12 went so slowly.  On Tues. I'm second trimester.  My belly is sticking out a little more.  It's still in that awkward soft-odd shaped phase... can't wait until it's round and obvious that I'm preg instead of maybe just big bellied.

C and I went to prenatal yoga yesterday.  It was at the place we used to go during IF where C would pick the classes based on avoiding the prenatal class.  Now we're a part of that class.  So strange.  I was for sure the least far along there. And C was the only guy.  He got huge props for that from the instructor who said it was great to have a hubby there so he could do some of the soothing techniques at home.  I was feeling all cocky for having suck a kick ass husband... and then we did group poses where 3-4 people helped each other.  Well, I wasn't a huge fan of C being touched intimately by a bunch of good looking (sure, pregnant bellied, but still, good looking) women.  It was a pregnant fetishist's ultimate (not that C is) fantasy.

Anyway... so happy to not be doing butt shots, suppositories, random pills...  happy to still be pregnant.

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  1. Welcome to the second trimester!! Hurray!! :)