Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the envelope please...

woke up today bleeding.  went to doc to make sure everything's alright.  It is. I just have a low lying placenta... will probably move on its own but I have to take it easy for next bunch of days.  While I was there... found out the gender.  I saw it on the ultra sound screen but asked the tech to write it down and seal it in an envelope so I could call C after and open it together.  I waited patiently with it on my lap until after my appt to call him.  I wasn't sure if what I saw was right... I'm not a professional u/s reader... Well, turns out I was right.  When you see a penis, you see a penis.  We're having a BOY!


  1. glad to hear everything is ok......and thrilled about the news of a BOY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hurray for a baby boy!!!! :) What wonderful news!!!! I had a low-lying placenta too. It really worried me and I was put on "pelvic rest", but all turned out fine and placenta moved upward as baby grew. I had a normal pregnancy and delivery, if that helps you to feel any better.