Saturday, July 30, 2011

out and about in the world just now

I saw so many pregnant women.  I was just remembering how hard that used to be... and not so long ago.  I'm gearing up to write an email to my two bosses tomorrow night to tell them that I'm pregnant and will be late to work for my big doc appt.  And that if it goes well I plan on telling my coworkers soon after.  Part of me isn't ready for this.  But I want to tell before someone figures it out and it comes out without giving my boss warning.  I spent last week wearing clothes I thought would hide it, but I'm running out of those.  This part of "coming out" seems so surreal.

Of course I'm nervous that I'll tell my bosses, then have a bad doc appt and have to deal with whatever happens publicly.  Don't know why I even care because whatever bad thing that could happen at this point would be so bad people knowing would be the least of my concerns... but I feel anxious.  Can't make it go away.  Just ignoring it for now to get through the weekend.

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