Wednesday, June 30, 2010

back in the race... the long, long race.

Good news: I found out that if I have that hysteroscopy/biopsy procedure... if it turns out my inner-junk is in working order (my lining is hormonally balanced, no sneaky polyps or anything) then I can start my next FET cycle right after that.  So unless they find something wrong I don't lose much time.  Of course, I have learned to not assume anything, so my RE could find something that holds us up... but I'm feeling optimistic for some reason.

Also, it was pretty anti-climactic, but I "came out" to my boss since I know I have to take a day off next week.  He said all the right things... told me to never feel guilty about the time off.  he was very sweet.... now I'm just sort of waiting for an opportunity to tell my coworkers so they will maybe, possibly, learn to phrase some of the baby talk a little more gently.

But it feels so good to not care if someone overhears my RE phone calls, to not care if I walk out of the middle of a work thing to take my RE's calls, leave my meds out/take my meds without feeling self conscious, take off from work without lying about it...  I don't care who knows now.  Almost.

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