Sunday, June 20, 2010

He's going in...

Well, I kept my good mood going yesterday all the way to about 11pm when I read an email from my RE (first email from him ever).  Here is the key passage from it:

"I believe it would be beneficial to perform an office hysteroscopy with an endometrial biopsy.  This is a simple procedure in which we would give you anesthesia, put a small camera in through the cervix, look inside the uterus for an abnormalities (fix any that are found) and take a small biopsy to send to pathology for analysis.  If all is well, we can then proceed with a greater degree of confidence."

One more obstacle.  And I start work Mon. and will have to take a day off soon for this thing that might push back my next FET.  So... the good mood went away.  I eventually fell asleep but woke up from a horrible dream this morning crying!  That has to be the hormones I'm taking because I've never done that.  Oh, or it's that somehow IF seeps into every freaking day and is now Freddy Kreuger-ing me in my sleep.  Either way, waking up crying is bonkers.  But good news is, with the exception of a few things (natural disasters, disease outbreak, my cat finally throwing himself against my screen door hard enough to run away -- okay I could list a lot of things, but still...) today can only get better from there.  Right?

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  1. Sorry to hear that. It seems on this stupid world of infertility, nothing ever makes complete sense. At least, your RE is engaged in your treatment. You will feel better once you schedule this so that you can continue moving forward. Hang in there.