Saturday, September 18, 2010


So, here we are.  3 fertilized embryos.  Tomorrow is the transfer.  I'm hoping I get to actually do it because I have had some serious abdominal pain issues.  Yesterday I went to work and had such stabbing, sharp belly pain I wound up stuck on my office couch until C came and drove me home.  I cannot describe how intense yesterday was... I was pretty sure I didn't need to go to the hospital, but not totally sure.  C thinks it might just be intense gas as a reaction to the HCG shot I took and all the other meds from 2 procedures this week.  I hope that's all it is because the other option is that I'm overstimmulating and that could potentially cancel my transfer tomorrow.  So... I've never wished for super sonic gas... but I am now.  My belly is so puffy and tender I look preggo.

C went out and bought me all kinds of target stretch pants to try on so I can go to work in them.  Fri. I was walking around with my jeans totally unzipped, and even that felt restrictive.  Not to whine... but the stress, physical discomfort, financial strain, and impact on my career this week has had... has been huge.  I've been doing well lately about not being jealous of women who get pregnant with ease... but today I'm feeling it.  If this doesn't work and this past week and the weeks leading up were for nothing, it will take some serious soul searching to get to a place where I'm okay with that.

C has been amazing this week.  He has been so comforting... I know we'll be okay with whatever outcome all of this ivf has on our lives.... and BFF and family have been amazing, too.  It's takes a village to prep an embryo... that's the saying, right?

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