Sunday, September 19, 2010

they're in me

Today was our transfer.  We had 3 embryos of okay quality... too soon to tell what they will turn into... but as the RE said, he currently has a patient who he transferred four embryos of lesser quality than ours and the woman is now preg with quads... so this could be nothing... or SOMETHING.  Of course my hope is officially up.  Can't go through all of this and not feel that.  I'm hoping that since our first cycle was perfect and failed, that this insane cycle where a ton of rare, painful, problematic crap happened will be the one that works.  So now I'm couch bound for 2 days.  With my bloated stomach... I'm happy I got this far and I won't know for 12 days if this worked.  C is taking good care of me.  So far, neither of our cats has leaped on my belly.  I know there's nothing too horrible I can do to ruin this while I'm couch bound... but as other IFers know, every sneeze, laugh, fart makes you nervous you're squeezing out your unborn kids.  So here's to some sticky, sticky little ones burrowing in.


  1. sending sticky vibes your way.....and lots of love and positive thoughts. let me know if you need anything.

  2. congrats! wishing you lots of luck!