Thursday, September 23, 2010

here I am...

awake since 2am.  I even took something to help me sleep.  I just got drained Tues afternoon... and I can already feel the pressure of the extra bloat coming back.  The bloat never went away, was just reduced... I still felt like I was completely run down.... but I had a day where I could at least eat semi-regularly and drink when I was thirsty without throwing up.  I'm so overwhelmed right now because I can feel it going back to how I was... which was horrible.  I've been desperately looking for some advice on line but everything is the same... women saying how hard it is and how long it lasts and how nothing makes it better except time.

I'm trying to remind myself that this will be over eventually... but right now each day is daunting.  I know I can go get drained again, but it takes me out for the day... so I'm hoping to make it until Sat. because I am going to work tomorrow.  I have to.  And if I can tolerate it I will Fri. too.  I keep reading that most people are stuck in bed for at least a week.  I think my week officially started Fri when I couldn't get off my office couch... so I'm hoping this weekend will mark the beginning of feeling better.  Unless, I'm pregnant.

SInce none of my clothes fit without hurting me... I'm not sure what to wear to work.  The saddest thing will be if I have to buy maternity clothes for this and not for actually being pregnant.  I promise I'm not down all the time... right now is just a bad moment.  I even feel better since having typed this.

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  1. I'm sorry you are feeling miserable! I hope it goes away soon and is replaced with pregnancy symptoms- which may not be much better in terms of physically, but mentally a much better place to be. :)