Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm eating for twenty...

Okay, not really.  And it's more than twenty.  That's how many eggs my RE counted before he stopped.  I'm so bloated right now.  Morning are the worst because there's some connection between having to pee and discomfort so my first morning pee is quite a chore.  Yesterday I had a good but stressful RE appt.  It looks like we're moving forward to a retrieval and fresh transfer.  Why waste so many eggs?  My lining is at an 8, which doc wanted higher... he said for me to start some estrogen for that, and I reminded him that all I was on during my f-ed up FETs was estrogen and maybe that's what gave me cysts... so he held off for now but wants me to do it if my Sunday appt shows no lining growth.  I think I'm going to fight that,  An 8 is still okay and I don't want to mess up the whole cycle.  Of course, my RE will be in Paris so I'll be deciding this with an RE I've never met.  And a different RE will be performing the other procedures.

Yesterday's appt involved me taking noted from my RE on what to make the other RE looked at.  This scared me... why am I in charge of making sure the new guy does everything right?  Then I planned out my meds and sched. with a nurse who didn't know what she was doing cause the reg. nurse was out.  There were several things she didn't know the answer for and I was left to figure them out.  Including the math that lead to what DOSAGE to take.

I couldn't believe it.  I was figuring out stuff that someone more qualified should have been holding my hand through.  If that happens again I will ask her to get help for EVERY question I have if she doesn't know the answer.  It all turned out fine, but I will be double checking everything she told me to do.  Even when she ordered my meds on speaker phone, the pharmacist was correcting her on ordering the wrong  thing for my trigger shot.

Anyway... it's all good.  I just feel bloated.... like insanely bloated.  I wonder how big my ovaries are since each has a ton of eggs brewing.  I go in tomorrow and hopefully I'll be all set to set a day for retrieval and a day for transfer.

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  1. Good luck! I think good doctors tell the patients what is going on, so they know to correct the error if there is one. My doctor does this a lot...especially if she's doing something out of the ordinary. I agree with you that we shouldn't have to be responsible for our own care, but I've gotten more answers with the doctors telling ME things. I'm sorry you're so bloated! I hope this means you'll have lots of embies soon!