Tuesday, April 5, 2011


RE upped my meds to see what happens with the leftover follicles.  All hope and excitement for this cycle is gone right now.  Which is easier in some ways.  I'm not anxious.  Not holding my breath til the next appointment.  

Went to acupuncture angry today.  Why the fuck live everyday for a cycle is it gets you nowhere.  All the leafy greens/yoga/acupuncture/taking care of myself doesn't translate to a good cycle.  Acu-lady actually calmed me.  She follows my meds/dosage and though she's no doc, she said she's never seen a client on such low dosage of meds as I was.  She thinks it was just not my protocol.  I came out of it feeling more relaxed, and if that's all acupuncture can really do, I think it's worth it.

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