Friday, April 8, 2011


And now we drink.  All the follicles that were around 11-14 back on Monday are all gone.  Mysteriously vanished.  It is "very unusual."  My RE had a young patient who this happened to back when he worked in NY and she had low egg reserve.  However, we think for me it was a protocol issue.  No more Ganirelix or Follistem.  Next time - BCPs overlapping with Lupron and then higher dose of Menapur.  Next time starts in about 3 weeks.  My RE asked if I felt up to it physically/emotionally.  For me, then answer is yes -- must keep going until it ends.  I am scared that we'll have similar problems next time, but hopeful that one of these fresh cycles leads to a kid (and hopefully enough frozens to NOT have to go through this more than I have to.)  I don't know what our quitting point is but we're not there yet.

We were okay-ish tonight until I had to do a progesterone shot to start my body to have a period... something about being back there, the pain of that shot for nothing but a period after a failed cycle got to me.  At least we have closure for now.


  1. I'm sorry. Hopeflly New protocol means new results on the horizon.

  2. Do you have insurance coverage in your state? I hope so! We don't have it where I live and it sucks. I hope they find the right concoction next time! Thinking of you!

  3. No insurance. It sucks. Thanks for reading and saying sweet things.