Thursday, May 26, 2011


fertilized!  So.. now we wait for them to grow and see what makes it to day 5.  Which is Mon. So my transfer is scheduled for Monday afternoon.  These are great numbers -- just can't help but feel a little wary about issues popping up.  So, no counting eggs until they hatch.

But so far -- so GOOD!

I'm so sore --went back to work today... but nothing I can't handle.  Fingers crossed there's no OHSS lurking in the near future.  I got nervous when I went to bed last night -- like, "Hope I don't wake up screaming in the middle of the night and have to go to the hospital."  It usually takes a few days for OHSS to set in... so if i make it through Sat., I'll start to relax.  Tiny, reasonable goals.  Totally respectable.  Couldn't help but look up my due date if this works.  Right around Valentine's Day.  Getting a tad ahead of myself already.  Awesome.


  1. sending endless positive vibes your way friend!!!!

  2. Fingers crossed for you!! Your BFF gave me the blog, been following along and cheering you on! :)