Monday, May 16, 2011

today's ultrasound

Not much is happening yet.  Just 2 follies growing.  RE is keeping me on same amount of menapur until Thurs.  I asked him if he's concerned about how long my last cycle took and if that had to do with my mysterious follies disappearing thing.  He said: "I'm concerned about everything with you.  More than any of my patients."
In a way it's comforting that he is as concerned as I am... but I came away from an appt where nothing went wrong feeling depressed.  Awesome.

We'll see where we are on Thursday.  If I had to guess... IF I get to do a retrieval, it won't be until late next week.


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  1. Know that there are lots of prayers being said for you from lots of hearts. And that your story WILL have a happy ending.