Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have OHSS again

I haven't had any abdominal pain (the stuff that sent me to the ER last time) but I am really feeling the pressure and overall sickness.  Stomach bloated, nauseous, barely have any energy.  I get winded walking to the bathroom.  I am drinking salty soup 3-4 times a day starting when I wake up cause salt is supposed to help keep the fluid out of my abdomen.  Not the sexiest condition.

Transfer is tomorrow.  Most of my embryos are still going strong, but we'll find out exact numbers tomorrow when we go in.  My first few nights I was terrified of having to go to the hospital -- but now I'm just settling in... hoping this shit goes away.  My RE isn't too concerned.  He thinks it's mild-moderate.  I agree.  But still -- it's scary not knowing where it's going or how long it's sticking around.  Hands down the worst physical part of IF for me -- no question.  My least fav time of day is 9:15pm when I lay on my bloated belly to get my intramuscular butt shot.  All kinds of unpleasant.  But we got so many eggs this time -- at least this shiznit is for something exciting.  Last time I went through this it was for 3 not great embryos that didn't result in pregnancy.

I am nervous transferring embryos when my body's in this condition... but I want a shot at a fresh transfer, my RE isn't concerned... so we're going to do it.

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