Sunday, May 22, 2011

here we go again

Sat.'s u/s looked good.  Tomorrow my RE is meeting me at 7:15 for an u/s so I can catch a 9:30 flight for a one day work trip.  If my follies are there, have not mysteriously disappeared... then either I trigger tomorrow night for a Wed retreival or I stay on drugs for another night or two (unlikely).  So... last time I went in for the pre-trigger appt is was horrible and the cycle pretty much was over.  And we were devastated.  So, here's hoping it goes okay. Also scary packing for an out of town trigger.  If I get to do it... I packed extra needles... there's nothing I can do where i'm going if it gets messed up... I also had to pack my meds for every situation...

please please please let this all go smoothly

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