Thursday, August 12, 2010

high maintenance traveler

I'm about to travel cross-country for a wedding.  I'm a little nervous because I have to travel with needles (which I have a medical letter for) and with my vag suppositories which have to stay refrigerated... plus I have an U/S first thing Monday morning so I can't be stranded on the East Coast.  Another thing I don't feel great about is missing a day of work for a wedding when I'm missing so much for doc appts.  I just couldn't bring myself to cancel... there's something symbolic about going for me... like I'm not penalizing myself for my medical days and still getting to do something happy.  Plus I'm hoping to have to take 2 days off for bedrest soon, but if IF-Gods forbid, my FET gets canceled and I canceled my trip in anticipation of my FET, I think I'd want to jab a Delestrogen needle in my eye.  I'm hoping the trip goes well.  If for some reason they won't let me on the plane with my needles/meds... I will not go.

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