Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My thyroid has been swept off her feet.

Things have been so busy lately I haven't had time to play on IF websites, or blog, or google... which, though I love doing all that... is a good thing.  I've been so busy with family in town and work and doc appts and other stuff that I haven't had any spare time to do more than a quick email check.  IF wise - I finally feel okay...

I went to an new endo on Mon., Dr. L.  He was awesome.  He told me that from now on, he'll worry about my thyroid and I shouldn't at all... I've been waiting so long to hear that.  I think he could see how upset I was.  I'm thrilled that he said I'd be okay, but I'm also hating that the other docs I went to a year ago scared me so much.  Maybe this new doc is too laid back.. time will tell.. but I'm taking that chance.

 I have been waiting so long to have a competent doc who actually gives a crap about my Thyroid (I still love my RE, but I now get that though he is awesome about the intricacies of fertility meds, anything outside of his definition of that does not apply.)  So now there's a guy who will be looking out for me.  I feel so relieved... for all I know, Dr. L could be some crazy, sociopath, serial killer... but my first impression tells me I can trust him.  Today I had my first ultrasound since i started my FET meds and all is well.  Next week's ultrasound will be the big one that determines if my lining is good enough for the transfer... so now I'll just try and relax, take my meds and hang in until then.  Plus there's so much other stuff going on, I'm hoping the next week will fly by too.

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