Friday, July 30, 2010

getting my body in line...

So, I am pretty nervous right now about my Thyroid messing up this cycle.  I keep reading contrasting opinions on what is okay before you should start TTC.  And I have 2 weeks (normally you need 6ish) to see if my levels have changed... but I have 2.  Meanwhile I'm taking my pills and shots and counting down the days until my transfer... but it could all get cancelled in a heartbeat if my Thyroid is out of whack... I'm trying to ignore it right now.  This is either something I'll look back on and think "Wow, I was so worried for nothing." or it's something I'll look back on as the reason why yet another cycle is cancelled... I know it doesn't sound like the end of the world, but  I'm not feeling very invincible these days and I'm pretty sure another setback right now would kick my butt.

Monday I have an appt with an Endocrinologist so at least from that point on I will have someone overseeing this who will actually oversee it... I just hope this one is very different from my last weirdo Endo... ie: no old man in overalls hanging out behind the counter in the office, no being obsessed with my husband (long story but he would only ask about my husband and give me things to give to my husband), and no pulling books off shelves from the seventies to read his old publications to me instead of answering my medical questions... so my standards are pretty low.  Except that this new doc I know almost nothing about is now holding my FET fate in his hands.

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