Thursday, July 15, 2010

happy juice

Okay, I drank a little today.  Had my RE follow up visit.  Started with RE saying my results from my biopsy weren't in and my stomach dropped.  I thought I'd have answers today.  Then they had me wait while the called to see if they could get me any info... and they did.  I'm normal!  Or at least my lining is.  So, I am now scheduled to do a frozen transfer on 8/19 if all goes well.  I am a little excited, but am trying not to be.  I am already getting way ahead of myself.  If this works, I will be 3 months preg when I go home for Thanksgiving and can announce it to my whole family in person.  And I'd be just at the end of my 1st trimester when my BF gives birth.

 As I have already learned, all this can go away quickly, so I'm trying to just go through the motions, stay relatively positive, and just get past each hurdle.

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